Iraqi and Foreign Financial Institutions


International Black List of Financial Entities at Central Bank of Iraq

(ALL licensed  banks & money transfer )entities are legally responsible & accountable to check and ensure that Iranian entities and persons are not listed on OFAC'S (SDN) list before they engage in business activities:-


the following web links can provides the information about the SDN list


Commercial Banks

Governmental banks

  Bank Name Address Email & Websites
1. Rafidain Bank (Bank of Iraq was Merged with Rafidain Bank) Baghdad/Al-Rashid Street
Banks Street
2. Rasheed Bank/Public Administration Baghdad/Rasheed/neighborhood/District.110
Street.25/B.O.Box53926 Mail Bab/Almazam/Baghdad-iraq
swift (RDBAIQBB)سويفت

3. Industrial Bank of Iraq Baghdad/Al-Sinak/Al-Kolani Square
4. Agricultural Cooperation Bank Baghdad/Al-Sinak/Facing Al-Atesalat
Tel: +964 1 8189081
Tel: +964 1 8189084
agriculturalcoop bank


5. Real Estate Bank Baghdad/Karada Outside/District-905 /Alley-5/Building 1
6. Trade Bank of Iraq Baghdad/ Al-Yarmouk/Adjacent Mamoun



Private Banks (currently operating)

  Bank Name Address Email & Websites
1. Bank of Baghdad Baghdad/ Karada outside
Near Al-Masrah Al-Watane
 2. Commercial Bank of Iraq Baghdad/Neighborhood Alwihda
District-904/Street-14 /Alley-13
 3. Iraq Midlest Bank of Investment Baghdad/ Babylon Area/District.929 /St.25 /Bldg.14 /B.O.Box.10379

 4. Investment Bank of Iraq Baghdad/ Neighborhood Al-Wihda/ Near odp Al-Alwea/District- 902 /Alley- 2/Building- 27
 5. United Bank for Investment Baghdad/ Al-Wathiq square/Neighborhood Al-Wihda/District- 906 /Alley-14/Building-69/Managing Director-Dr. Muhannad Qasim
6. Dar Essalaam Investment Bank Baghdad/ Al-Sadoon Park/Street Al-Nedhal/ Section-103/Str-41/Building-3
 7. Mosul Bank for Development & Investment Mosul/ Left Coast/Center Road/Against Income Tax Mosul
 8. Babylon Bank Baghdad/ Sadoun District/Against the  Ministry of Agriculture/District-101/Alley-91/ Building -22
 9. Basrah International Bank for Investment Baghdad/ Jamiela

 10. National Bank of Iraq Baghdad/ Sadoun Street/Near Firdous Square/Nearby Filling Station
 11. Credit Bank of Iraq Baghdad /AL-Sadoun/Building Al-Alwea
Near Firdous Square
Cbi @ nbk.Com

 12. Economy Bank for  Investment & Finance Baghdad /Mansour/Intersection of 14 Ramadan/Hay Al-Andalus District-617
House-180 /Street-17
Economy bank

 13. Sumer Commercial Bank Baghdad /Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street /Neighborhood of Babylon/District-908/Alley-16/Building-13
 14. Gulf Commercial Bank Baghdad/Karada outside
 15. Warka Bank for Investment & Finance Baghdad/Neighborhood Alouhda
 16. North Bank for Financial & Investment Baghdad/ Al Alwea/Square Al Fatih
Street-99 /Building-51
 17. Union Bank of Iraq Baghdad /Hay Al-karada /Al-Masbah Int /District-903 /Alley-77 /Building-11
 18. Ashur International Bank for Investment Baghdad/Square Near Uqba Bin Nafia
 19. Mansour Bank for Investment Baghdad/Neighborhood Alouhda
Salman Faaiq Street/District-904/Alley-14
 20. Iraq Trans Bank Baghdad/Neighborhood Alouhda
Salman Faaiq Street/District-902/Alley-14
21. Region Trade Bank for Investment and finance (formerly emerald) Iraq /Erbil/Sheikh Cholee Street
 22. Huda Bank Baghdad /Al-Karada/Neighborhood Alouhda
23. Erbil Bank Erbil /Main Street Housing  info@erbilbankkiq
24. International Development Bank for Investment and Finance Baghdad /al-karrada /Hay Babil District-929 /Street-21 /building-1/25412
Tel   :+9647764349-50-7764510
Fax  :+9647789645-7764507
B.O.Box 2331 Al-Jadriya

Islamic Banks

Governmental Banks

  Bank Name Address Email & Websites
1. Al Nahrain Islamic Bank Baghdad/Bab Almazam/Near Iron Bridge

Private Banks(currently operating)

 2. Elaf Islamic Bank Baghdad/Neighborhood Alouhda/District-902/Alley-99/Building-14 www.EIB_IQ.COM
3. Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment & Development Baghdad /Mansour District
4. Kurdistan International Bank for Investment & Development Baghdad Branch:
Alwathiq Sq /Alwahda Blvd /902 Ave /Fourteenth Street /Building-66
Tel: +964(0)662212007-8 

    Erbil Branch:
Ankawa/Golan street
B.O.Box: 50 (0970)
Tel: +964(0)662212001-2-3-4
 5.  National Islamic Bank Baghdad /Arasat street
 6. Dijlah and Furat Bank for Development & Investment Baghdad /Alsalman Faaiq Street
 7. Islamic Regional Cooperation Bank for Development and Investment Baghdad /Arsat lndian/District-929/Street-17/Building 59
 8. AL Bilad Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance Baghdad /Al Karada Al Sharqiya 
Near Al Hurea Square
 9. Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance  Erbil

Private Banks(currently operating)

10. Islamic World Bank For Finance & Investment    
11. Al-Janoob Islamic Bank Baghdad /the Palestine street /Vs. Al-Mustansiriya University    Number and Date of Granting the District-9/3/1791 at 2/2/2016                                   Equity Capital-250 Billion
Managing Director-Dr. Ahmed Zaki Younis
Associate Managing Director-Amin Abdul Sattar Amin
Mob :+9647902226477            +9647730088232 
info@ jib-
12. Alrawahel Islamic Bank
13. Alarabiya Islamic Bank Iraq-Baghdad /AL-Mansour /14the Ramadhan st / Bldg no.1 / P.O.Box :Baghdad (6068)Mansour
License no.& date-(9/3/9847) dated (20/6/2016)
Capital (Billion IQD)-100
Mob :+9647704425004            +9647802110044
14. Iraq Noor Islamic Bank for Investment & Finance Iraq-Baghdad /Kahramana Square /District-920/Street-99/Building-44
Capital (Billion IQD)-250
Mob : 07721102566                    07803000029
15. Iraq Zain Islamic Bank for Investment & Finance    
16. International Islamic Bank Baghdad/ Karada outside/ in exchange for Indian Club/District.905/Street.15/ Building.64 INFO@IIB-IRAQ.COM
17. Al Thiqa IslamicBank    
18. Al Nada IslamicBank    
19. Al Rajih IslamicBank    
20. Al Qabith IslamicBank    
21. Al Qurtas IslamicBank    

Foreign Banks

  Bank Name Address Email & Websites
 1. T.Cziraat Bank Asi A.S 
(Baghdad Branch)
Baghdad /Waziriya/District-301/ Alley-5
2. Byblos Bank Baghdad/ Karada/ Street Salman Faik/ unit neighborhood/District.904/14
3. Intercontenntl Lebanan (Baghdad Branch) /Al Karada-Babel District 929/Street-18 Bldg-24
Tel:07814033262 -Acting Manager :Michel Assaf
    (Erbil Branch) /Bakhtiyari-Ankawa Road Dar el Handassa Buidling
Tel:00964662100100 -Acting Manager :Ishtar Zalfa
 4. Beirut Bank and Arabic Center Baghdad /Karadah Outside
Main Street /Near Gallery General Automotive Company/Alexandria
5. Vakif Bank
Erbil /Intersection Coughlan
Under the Turkish Consulate
Tel: 00964662246237
Mob: 07501478553
6. Turkiy İş Bankas1 A.S.

Baghdad Branch       
Waziriyah /District.301 /Street.4 /Building.7
Tel: +9647709194450
Manager:Mr.Gokmen Yilhan 

Erbil Branch
Bakhtiary /Gulan Street /UB Plaza Building
Tel: +9647508183580
Manager:Mr.Nejdet Polat

7. Credit Libanais Baghdad /Wathiq Square /Salman Faaiq Street baghdad
8. Bank Med Baghdad /Karrada East /Street Seven Palaces  
9. Banque Libano-Francaise Baghdad /Karadah Outside District.905/Alley.18
10. Standard Chartered Bank Baghdad/ Arsat  
11. Fransbank Baghdad /Karadah Outside
12. Blom Bank Baghdad /Karadah Outside  
13. Middle East and Africa Bank s.a.l (MEAB)

Baghdad Branch/ karrada kharej /Main Street /Near Al Hayat Castle
Branch Manager- Mr.Said Hejeij
Tel: +964 7809284046

Basra Branch/ Hayy Amman/ Ben Ghazwan Hospital/ Facing maxi mall 
Basra Iraq-AljazaerAddre
Branch Manager- Mr.Mousa Madi
Tel: +964 7809284053





14. Audi Bank Baghdad /Al-Jadriya /St.-Main street  district-923 /Side street-28 /House no.62
Phone number HO: 009647729768900
PO Box: 2080 Jadriah-Iraq
Regional manager: MR.Jamil Choucair
15. Bank Melli Iran Baghdad/ Arsat/District-929/Alley-27
16. Parsian Bank Baghdad /Babylon Neighborhood /Indian Street Arsat/ District.929 /Street.30/ Building.69
Regional Director
Associate Director
parsian4001@parsian _
17. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Baghdad/ karada kharig/
Dist 909 /P.O.Box 3237
Tel: 009647704446001

Erbil / Building Ronaka/Street in Ronaka
Post Office Mahbad
Tel: 009647718421970
18. Al-Baraka Turkatilim Bankasi A.S. Erbil /Street-60 /Near The Entrance to a Tunnel Housing
19. Asia Bank Erbil--/District-929 /Street-30
20. CitiBank Baghdad  
21. Bemo Lebanon Under Incorporation  
22. American Bulgarian Under Incorporation  
23. Karavrin Under Incorporation  

Financial Institutions

  Institution Name Address Email & Websites
1. Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees Baghdad
Tel: +9647902 304007
2. Iraqi Association of Securities Dealers Baghdad/Al-Karada 905
Street 9/Building 18
Tel: +9647904 302828
3. Iraq Stock Exchange Baghdad
Tel: +964 1 7174484 
Fax: +964 1 7174461

4. International Smart Card
(Semi Government) LLC
Baghdad /East Karrada/Karada Street Inside
Behind the Hospital Alrahpat/Neighborhood Arkhitth District-901 /Alley-9/Building-8

5. Iraqi Company for Financing SMEs Baghdad /Al-Karada/Street Alnedal
6. Office of the Bank of representation (CommerzBank) German Baghdad /Jadiriya /Babylon Neighborhood /District.923 /Alley.15 House.11
Office Manager Name -Atira abdulkader

 Financial Companies

  Institution Name Address Email & Websites
1. Al-Nibal AlArabya for Money Transfer Baghdad/Neighborhood of Babylon/Arsat indian/District-929/Alley-25/House-16 /Building 65
2. Mouta Company for Remittances Baghdad/Wathiq Square/Opposite Restaurant Crispy  
3. Al-Teeb Baghdad/Harthiya  
4. Al-Ameen Hila/Department of Agriculture Near Babylon
Against the State Department of Real Estate

5. Belad Al-Shaam Baghdad/Kazemih /street akad/Building the military
6. Al-Taif Money Transfer Co. Baghdad/Karada inside/Square Near the Kahramana/Al-Taif Building

7. Nobles Convertible Financial Baghdad/Harthiya
8. Al-Noor Baghdad /Arsat/A Nearby Bank of the Middle  East
9. The Banks of the Tigris & Euphrates Baghdad/Street El-Kifah/Near the Cinema Paradise  
10. Al-Asswar Co. for Money Transfer Baghdad /Shorja/Market Maadheed
11. Al-Hareer Co. for money transfer Najaf/Street Neighborhood Socialist
Restaurant Near Rowan
12. Immortal River Corporation Baghdad /Harthiya
Exhibition Road
13. Ataa Garri Co. for money transfer Baghdad /Shorja Against the Arab Market
District-108/Alley-48/Building 1
Floor 2
14. Golden series financial transfers Karbala/Al-Abbas Street  
15. Transcontinental Money Transfer Co.Abr AL Qarat Baghdad /Dis.106-Building No.8 /Al-Rasheed St /Al Sanabul Building-Baghdad-Iraq
16. Al-Rabita Almalia Samawah  
17. Al-Waeel money Baghdad /Karrada/Arsat Indian
18. Al-Shariq Baghdad /Waziriya/District-309
19. Al-Harith Arabic Co. for remittances New baghdad/Main Street
Nearby Mail
20. Al-Lulu money transfer Erbil /Street Sheikh Jolie
Near Emerald Bank
21. Almanafe for mony transfer Baghdad /Square Wathiq /nearby Marjan Qasr Hotel

22. Sama Al Nada Under Incorporation  
23. Aliqin
Under Incorporation  
24. Alnahrin
Under Incorporation  
25. Alsalama almallea
Under Incorporation  
26. Haulir
Under Incorporation  
27. Surja
Under Incorporation  
28. Albahar
Under Incorporation  
29. Taj al jabal
Under Incorporation  
30. Ruafed iraq
Under Incorporation  
31. Delta al nile Under Incorporation  

Financial Investment Companies

  Institution Name Address Email & Websites
1. Al-khair Financial Investment Company PLC Karrada/Indian Street Arsat
Adjacent to Iraqna Telecom
2. Al-Wiaam Financial Investment Co. Street Al-Nidhal/Building the White Palace
3. Al-Zawraa Financial Investment PLC Baghdad/Jadiriyah/Building Bordeaux 
4. Alebattk Baghdad/Sadoun District
Building the Bank of Babylon
Near the Ministry of Agriculture 65
5. Alameen Baghdad /Bank of Baghdad Building  
6. Mesopotamia Investment Company Baghdad/Arsat Indian/Building 132
7. Alkema Baghdad/Street Al-Nidhal/Building the White Palace  
8. Khaima al-ayaam for financial investment (It was merged companies and banking days Khaimah) Baghdad /Square Al-fardos /Opposite the Ministry of Agriculture /AL Bilad Islamic Bank building /Branch Development/ floor. 2  
9. Company Horizon Financial Investment (Previously Al-omor) It was withdrawn under our license No. 15303/3/9 dated 10/13/2014   
10. Almalak Under Incorporation  
11. Rapea iraq Under Incorporation  
12. Alariq Under Incorporation  

Non-bank financial institutions (under incorporation)

  Institution Name Address Email & Websites

Electronic payment services companies Palmobail

  • Asia portfolio
  • Iraq portfolio
Under Incorporation  
2. Amoal services company Electronic Banking Co. Ltd. Under Incorporation  
3. Saki company for payment mail Under Incorporation  
4. yana company for banking services Under Incorporation